Voice of Dharam Gurus of Ghaziabad reaches home ministry

Voice of Dharam Gurus of Ghaziabad reaches home ministry

8 January 2020, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, North Block, New Delhi - In the Ministry of Home Affairs, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Shri Kishan Reddy, under the leadership of Acharya Lokeshji, met the All-India Delegation and supported the Citizenship Amendment Act in the country and said that the public Saint and government should work together to eradicate confusion and mistrust.

The Union Minister of State for Home Affairs while discussing with the delegation said that saints have always played the role of guide in Indian culture. The saints and social organizations can also play an important role in eradicating the confusion that is being spread among the public about the Citizenship Amendment Act. He said that if the government does not follow the right path, the saints can also give guidance in it.

The Union Minister in the presence of Hon'ble Prime Minister and Home Minister in the future, while emphasizing the need for dialogue of such big all-religion saints, said that some external forces are also active to inhibit India's growing power and development. Never let go

The Delegation included Dr. Lokeshji, the founder and eminent Jainist of Ahimsa Visva Bharati, Swami Dipankarji Mufti Shamum Kasamiji, Sardar Sant Singhji, Colonel Tejendrapal Tyagi etc.

Colonel Tejendra Pal Tyagi, General Secretary of the Center for Religious Harmony and World Peace, started raising this voice from Ghaziabad in association with Dharma Gurus.

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