Vihang village has set a wonderful example for other villages by celebrating its birthday for 10 yea

India must strengthen friendship with thailand through tbcl

Salute to bravery

Amrita, president of the women's wing of the pune unit of the rashtriya sainik sanstha, has passed a

The brave woman is not a war widow but a married woman because her husband is an immortal sacrifice.

Rashtriya sainik sanstha invited to the annual function of sarvodaya inter college, vijay nagar

It is important to know lord krishna as a soldier also

Colonel tyagi appointed advisor to the advisory board of kushaldas university, rajasthan and sainik

“jai hind tiranga” march was taken out in hapur on netaji’s birthday.

Names of martyred soldiers of azad hind fauj should be inscribed on india gate.

Blankets distributed in delhi by yuva wing

Colonel tejendra pal tyagi, gyan singh, pp singh, rajendra bagasi and greece inducting rate miners r

Gaurav fighters were honored by the district magistrate

Special show by magician op sharma only for ex-servicemen and their families

Saints and rashtriya sainik sanstha took a collective pledge for introducing “ele mentary sainik t

Constitutional compatibility was also accepted in sankalp yatra

Disabled people and martyrs should have the first right on the country's resources.

Every martyrdom on the frontier deserves the highest respect

Rashtriya sainik sanstha donates one lakh to her excellency ms anusuiya uikey,governor of manipur

Inauguration of the office of the state unit of rashtriya sainik sanstha of west bengal

Subhash should be given param vir chakra and bharat ratna together - rashtriya sainik sanstha

Shri mohan bhagwat ji was told about the initial military training in schools.

Tolerance may be acceptable at personal level but tolerance contrary to national interest is not acc

Effort to establish a school like rajju bhaiya sainik vidhya mandir in muradnagar area – rashtriya s

Health camp inaugurated at radiant school

A stone in the name of vir chakra recipient colonel tyagi was installed in the government primary sc

Honoring the heroes under "meri mati mera desh"

Ex-servicemen to take suo mottu notice like courts to enforce accountability

Tabaadale par aae pratyek adhikaaree dyootee join karane se pahale shaheed smaarak paark me sar jhuk

Mumbai unit will work on online education and orphanage operations – rashtriya sainik sanstha

History teaches, history repeats

The governor of uttarakhand, swami chidanand, colonel tyagi and others demanded that martyrs and dif

At least one ex-serviceman should be posted on a token pay in each department of management

Roorkee district office of the bharatiya janata party was inaugurated

Deploy a soldier in every department

Expansion of madhya pradesh unit of rashtriya sainik sanstha

A courageous man can create a majority question what you see before you believe it we are born in in

Sanatan dharma has no parallel – hunkar

In the company of shri guru pawan sinha, the soldiers who received param vir chakra and vir chakra d

For the first time in india, demonstrative seminar on yoga for divyang – rashtriya sainik sanstha di

Rashtriya sainik sanstha's program on bhagat singh at parliament street police station

Sri sri ravi shankar honored col tejendra pal tyagi

governor of uttarakhand honourable lt gen gurmit singh and local public representatives ,shri raja

Deploy a retired soldier in every department from bottom to top, corruption will automatically reduc

In the 16th national convention of rashtriya sainik sanstha, a demand was raised to nominate ex-serv

Acharya fully supports the statement of dr. lokesh ji – rashtriya sainik sanstha

Shaheed memorial park is the best medium for character building

Every officer and employee on transfer to ghaziabad should bow before joining duty at shaheed smarak

Veterans should get representation from municipality to parliament

Like the governor, the district magistrate should also organize “at home” for gaurav senanis

Members of rashtriya sainik sanstha honored

Nationalism is first national character and individual character are different

Rashtriya sainik sanstha adopted the school of poor children

Take a resolution on victory day that instead of august 15, independence day will be celebrated on o

The veto power of the five countries of the united nations security council was technically dead in

Col tyagi honored with global peace leadership award

General vk singh was called to the kargil martyr's memorial

H'ble yogi adityanath,cm of up

At least one bouquet will be delivered to each martyr's family by the municipal corporation.

Salute to the martyrs

India's independence day should be celebrated on 21 october august 15 was the day of partition, not

India's independence day should be celebrated on 21 october august 15 was the day of partition, not

I want a country covered with trees, i want my right to live

India will be made by the confluence of discipline force and spiritual force, vishwa guru - national

Perform shradh to the brave martyrs who saved our existence

The teacher tells the students to put a question mark on what they see before they believe it

State level officers will come to noida to collect the memorandum of mahapanchayat of tyagi samaj

Government junior high school of vihang village will be made smart school

Partition was wrong, should not have been accepted but now it has to be digested

General vk singh honored veer naris and veer soldiers

No problem is bigger than man

1st summit of national vanguard rashtriya sainik sanstha 31st july (sunday) 2022 at united service

India has been talking about vasudev kutambhakam ever since many countries were learning to walk by

Agniveer scheme is voluntary and gives opportunity to 4 youths to become soldiers instead of 1

The name of the road built in the name of kargil martyr was changed by the local mla, the military o

Meeting of the supreme think tan of rashtriya sainik sanstha

Today, saint soldiers and farmers together started a new era of coordination and took a pledge to sp

Meeting and demonstration for world peace at jantar mantar when would the russo-ukraine war have end

On the 165th anniversary of the first freedom struggle, saint soldiers and farmers together will ush

Under the leadership of shri guru pawan sinha ji, the holy chintan dhara ashram organized bhajan rat

India should demand removal of veto power from un

On 23 march 2022, the statues of chandra shekhar azad, raj guru and sukh dev were unveiled at the ka

On the eighth birth anniversary of village vihang, health camps, sports competitions, painting compe

Proposal to open sainik school in bihang village - col tyagi

Ghaziabad ekta club honored gaurav fighters

Ndrf pays tribute to the soldiers martyred in the disaster of kedarnath on the martyr pillar of ghaz

The municipal commissioner came to the residence of colonel tyagi and invited him to come to the cam

The posted officer and the officer has appointed the officer posted on the post???????? ????

Public should also be aware of internal security

Every school in ghaziabad must visit shaheed smarak park at least once for character building.

Martyr memorial to be built for martyr soldiers of azad hind fauj - rashtriya sainik sanstha massiv

Governor of uttarakhand felicitated and requested to induct esm in administration

At least one ex-serviceman should be included at every level of governance and administration - anna

Work will be done to strengthen sanatan culture - governor

Patron of rashtriya sainik sanstha lt gen gurmeet singh takes oath as governor of uttarakhand

Col tyagi gives green champion certificate to akg engg college on behalf of national council of rura

The army should not be made a laboratory of social change - the women's wing of the military organiz

Defense minister's wife smt. savitri singh tied the knot to the officials of the national military a

The main credit for independence goes to netaji subhash chandra bose

Col tyagi honored in indian air force hindon under amrit mahotsav

Indomitable courage was bowed down on the anniversary of the kakori incident

Ex-servicemen's anger erupted on kargil vijay diwas

National patrons of rashtriya sainik sanstha blessed

Strict laws should be made immediately on population control

Law and order has come to a standstill in west bengal and the federal structure has ended

Rashtriya sainik sanstha honored chartered accountants

Yog is implicit in soldiering

Environment quota should be fixed like sports quota - rashtriya sainik sanstha

Civil society should be given the right to conduct surprise inspection of etp of industries. instead

A “jal committee” should be formed in every society – jal purush

Regarding imposition of medical emergency and making national policy on covid

Why india remained silent from 1955 till today? - national military organization

Proposal to hold a world parliament in india to change the charter of the united nations

Only india is best for world leadership

From a technical point of view, the veto power of the united nations was ended in 1955 - the youth w

Vito power should be withdrawn from the united nations - the women's wing of the rashtriya sainik sa

Campaign to blow up caged parrots

World parliament of religions to be held in haridwar regarding radical islamic jihad

From april 2, 2021, initial military training will be given to the youth in dasna dham temple

In connection with the formation of maharashtra state unit of rashtriya sainik sanstha

To awaken the whole world about islamic jihad, the first national all religion conference was organi

The park was named shaheed sakuyedran leader avrol

Global prayer meeting to pay tribute to the father of the nation

Col tyagi was called to inspire in the irctc session

Vihang village of the chain of making poor families self dependent will start on 7th february 2021 f

Establishment of netaji's statue by rashtriya sainik sanstha

Social fabric is deteriorating due to win win situation – rashtriya sainik sanstha

Swami vivekananda called hinduism as a universal religion

Only saints and soldiers can bring change - shankaracharya have retired from army, not from service

Rashtriya sainik sanstha pledges to protect yeti narasimhanand saraswati ji

Woman is god

Instead of guiding others, youth should set their own goals: rashtriya sainik sanstha

There is a screaming need for uniform civil code in india - rashtriya sainik sanstha

We are with the farmers but the country is not with the criminals - rashtriya sainik sanstha

The administration is directly responsible for the pollution and inconvenience

Veto power in the united nations should be abolished immediately - of the national military associat

Uniform civil code is extremely mandatory in secular countries

For registration, it should be mandatory to have 33% women in any organization

21st october is a day of more pride, self-respect and importance than 15th august

Is there a need to change the world system (united nations organization)

If big schools do not disclose their balance sheets, then it will be considered as a nexus between t

President's rule should be imposed in maharashtra - rashtriya sainik sanstha

Have to do jihad against population imbalance - rashtriya sainik sanstha

Now online education is the only option - rashtriya sainik sanstha

Webinar on world youth day – frhup

Webinar on population control

Webinar on world youth day – frhup

Savarkar's plea for release from the british was part of military policy - national military organiz

Demand to set up a gallantry cell in the ministry of defense to awaken patriotism interview with hon

"kaal itself is afraid of me, i am not afraid of kaal" and yet i am alive, i am defeated, not me - v

Technical education without moral education is respect for the fruit which has beauty but no fragran

Woman is god - national military organization

A gas agency was started in the name of martyr lt col rajesh gulati, sena medal on his martyrdom day

Character building starts with martyr memorial - national military organization

the first step of character building starts with discipline.

Former election commissioner gave a memorandum to the president to make “jai hind” mandatory

Saint and soldiers will build nation together

Today mother india is more important than her mother and mother goddess

A time has come to induct ex service men in every department

Chatra district of jharkhand became energetic today

Ex-servicemen family in dimarpur joined rashtriya sainik sanstha

Do not consider us kashmiri pandits, we are kshatriya bodo

First speak jai hind, then open the window to form new units of rashtriya sainik sanstha

A delegation of rashtriya sainik sanstha met the home minister of india

Col. tejendra pal tyagi of rashtriya sainik sanstha was honored by the rajyapalos of chhattisgarh an

Discipline is essential for the success of the movement

Eighth national session of rashtriya sainik sanstha

Now we will not allow patriots to become concierge – col. tyagi

The martyrs should not only be respected, but also be respected

Provincial commanders meeting of rashtriya sainik sanstha

The revolution of 1857 was started by swami omananda, the revolution of 1947 was inspired by swami v

Inauguration of the temple of martyrs in yavatmal, a historic step in india today images of 21 param

A delegation of rashtriye sainik sanstha met the prime minister regarding the naxal menace.

A country is not identified by its gdp but by the care of the disabled

People celebrated valentine's day, we celebrated self-respect day

no change came without sage munio

On 21 october 1943, subhas declared war against the british and today we declare war against corrupt

If the ex-service commission is not formed soon, patience will break

We do not fire bullets in the air - mahaveer chakra received military digendra singh

Take the generals assured to support the colonel

Unveiled statue of major asharam tyagi received amar shaheed mahavir chakra in muzaffarnagar

The first national session of the rashtriya sainik morcha was held in delhi

Requesting the president to set up a commission for ex-servicemen

Everyone would buy if they were sold in the market

Martyr tribute ceremony

Call to make martyr ashram a district shraddh site

The first step of character building begins with discipline

May subhash be given both param vir chakra and bharat ratan together

Good days would not come without military training

voice of dharam gurus of ghaziabad reaches home ministry

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