Instead of guiding others, youth should set their own goals: Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha

11 December 2020 , Headquarters Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha , 133 B Modal Town East, Ghaziabad : Today a webinar of state presidents of youth wing was organized by Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha here in which Navin Jaihind (Haryana), Ishaan (Jammu and Kashmir), Manoj Puttu ( Jharkhand), P Airappan (Tamil Nadu), Aman Alok (Bangalore), Pushkar Tyagi (Uttarakhand), Pankaj Asati (Maharashtra), Ketan Patel (Gujarat), Rutvik Pandrangi (Telangana), Arvind M Bhatt (Karnataka) etc. were present.

Brigadier Sunil Gaopande told the youth that they should identify at least one disabled or one martyr family and support them as much as possible and share their contact with the headquarters.

National President of Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha Col Tejendra Pal Tyagi said that it is enough to guide the elders. Even after having all the resources, the condition of common youth of India is very bad. So now the youth should set their own goals. Go to the industrial units near you and ask for employment, if they say that you do not have the skills, then demand that you give us training and then give jobs. The right is not available in the bailout. It takes courage to ask for the right and courage is not sold in the market. The only job of the Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha is that it will continue to increase the courage of its youth.

Today, the Vice President of the World Constitution & Parliament Association (WCPA), Dr. Narsima Murthy said that very soon a Global Youth Form will be formed, in which the youth commanders of the Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha will be in the first line.

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