General VK Singh was called to the Kargil Martyr's Memorial

23 November 2022, Kargil Martyr's Memorial, Shukrtal, Muzaffarnagar – Today, Union Minister of State for Road Transport, National Highways and Civil Aviation, General Dr. VK Singh was called here and he was offered a wreath on the inverted rifle set up in memory of the martyrs.

The Kargil Martyr's Memorial, built on about two acres, is run by the Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha. Honorable General VK Singh was told today by Muzaffarnagar unit of Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha that aarti of martyrs is also sung like Ganga Aarti at the Kargil Martyrs Memorial situated on the banks of Ganga (Aarti of martyrs is attached).

Today, the Honorable Minister was also requested to invite other ministers of the Union Cabinet to come here so that the memory of the martyrs does not go away from their mind. By doing this, not only will the morale of the soldier posted on the border increase, but also the feeling of nationalism will develop in the general public.

On this occasion, State President Captain Suresh Chandra, District President Gaurav Fighter Ashok Kumar, Gaurav Fighter Rajendra Rathi, Gaurav Fighter Mange Ram, Gaurav Fighter Sudesh Kumar and other members of the team saluted the General and also gave a briefing on the Kargil War.

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