Proposal to hold a World Parliament in India to change the Charter of the United Nations

16 April 2021, Headquarters Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha, 133 B Model Town East, Ghaziabad – Today a webinar was organized on the above topic here in which the main panelists were among the participants:

Shri Guru Pawan Sinha , Spiritual thinker and Founder of Pawan Chintandhara Ashram,

Air Marshal PS Bhangu PVSM AVSM VM Former AoC in C South West Air Command,

Lt Gen Ashwini Kumar Bakshi , SM , VSM , Former , Military Secretary to two Presidents of India

 Lt Gen Gurmit Singh , PVSM,UYSM,AVSM,VSM,Former Deputy Chief of the Indian Army,

Major General V S Karnik , Former Dy Commandant of Indian Military Academy,

Maj Gen Ranjit Singh,AVSM,VSM , Former VC of Three Different Universities of India,

Air Commodore Surendra Singh , world record maker by taking 6316 sorties on Mig 21

Rear Admiral Sanatan Kulshreshtha , Former DG , Naval Armament Inspection , Naval HQ

Er Paritosh Tyagi, Former Chairman, Central Pollution Control Board, India,

Lt Col Shivdan Singh , Renowned Columnist in Leading News Papers,

Cdr Hari Shankar Sharma Vice Chancellor , Himalayan University , Itanagar , Arunachal,

Maj Sushil Goel , Founder President , PCTI Limited -A Name in Distant Education,

Dr P Narshima Murthy, Vice President, Earth Consitution Institute

Today unanimously decided on the following points, which will be duly informed to the various ministries of the Government of India and the Prime Minister's Office:

First of all, strengthen yourself, understand and say "Jai Hind" in public places for unity, leaving Good Morning, Namaste, Adab, Satshree Akal

Ramaswamy Mudaliar, the representative of India, signed the Charter of the United Nations on 26 June 1945 with the condition that the veto power would be reviewed after ten years. This did not happen, there is a need to spread this information.

The United Nations was celebrated to establish peace, but it has brought us to the mouth of 14,000 atom bombs.

Israel's action in 1948, Kashmir problem in 1948, Cambodia violence in 1975, Somalia civil war in 1991, Rwanda civil war in 1994, Svebrenica massacre in 1995, Sudan insurgency in 2003 as well as present China's bigotry in the Philippines and disobeying UN orders, Armenia-Azerbaijan war, world pandemic etc. are enough to tell the failure of the United Nations. Therefore a new world system has to come. Therefore a World Parliament should be organized in India.

In 1985, the World Constitution & Parliament Association (WCPA) organized the World Parliament in India, which was inaugurated by the then President of India, Giani Zail Singh. Now the situation has changed. Now the WCPA has given the main responsibility to the National Military Organization for the proposed World Parliament in Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi from 10 to 12 December.

In the end, all the panelists called upon the people of the country to change the thinking of slavery and take their wisdom, hard work and courage in both hands and ensure their place in the leadership of the world so that world peace can be established.
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