To awaken the whole world about Islamic Jihad, the first National All Religion Conference was organi

Radical Islamic Jeehaad is a danger for the whole World

2 Feb 2021,Foreign Correspondents Press Club Pragati Maidan, New Delhi : Addressing a press Conference today the peethadeshwar of Dasana Dham Mandir Yati Narsinghanand said that the way the Muslim population is increasing in India is indicative of a sinister design. If the trend continues, India may have a Muslim Prime Minister in 2019. If that happens, the precedents in other Countries predicts, India will become a Islamic Country. Owing to a large population Islamic India will become a potent danger to the whole world. History repeats and history tells us how mass scale conversion, rape and plunder of Hindu women,loot and killings of non-Muslims took place in India whenever a Muslim rule was established here.

The National President of Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha and a recepient of the National Gallantry award of “Veer Chakra” Col Tejendra Pal Tyagi brought out that there are 30 ??????,114 ????? and 6666 ???? in Quran. More than 1000 ???? are for killing and plundering the non-muslims. ??? number 98 says that any one who does not obey Allah or the disciples of Allah is a KAFIR. ??? number 85 says that there is no other religion except ISLAM. As per ??? number 20, spreading Islam is Jeehaad. ??? number 29 says that those who do not pay JAJIA deserves to be killed. ??? 123 says that kill the Kafirs who are near to you. Hadis number 51 brings out that Mohammed saheb said “ it is good to read Namaz, it is better to serve your parents and it is best to do Jeehaad.” From the foregoing, it can readily be conceded thatIslam is jeehaad against non-muslims. Hence, there is a crying need for the whole World to realise the impending danger and get united against radical Islamic Jeehaad.

To bring out the above points a National All Religion Conbvention is being held at Dasna Dham Mandir, Ghaziabad on 20 and 21 Feb 2021 wherein the foundation stone for  SANATAN SANSAD will also be laid.

Shri Anil Yadav(Chota Yati), Shri Adesh Tyagi, Shri Nageshwara Rao, Shri Venkat Narain,Shri Sunil Tyagi , President Brahm Rishi Mahasangh were present in the conference.

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