The Municipal Commissioner came to the residence of Colonel Tyagi and invited him to come to the cam

5th January 2022, Headquarters Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha, 133 B Modal Town, East Ghaziabad – Today the Municipal Commissioners of Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation, Mr. Mahendra Singh Tanwar and Dr. Anuj, came to the residence of Col. Tejendra Pal Tyagi and met him on 6th January at 10 am. Invited to come to the Camp Office of the Municipal Commissioner where he will be honored.


During the conversation on this occasion, many issues were raised in the interest of the city, which included pollution control, garbage disposal, operation of city buses etc. It was suggested that RWS should be given the right of accidental inspection of ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) engaged in factories so that factories can be restrained that they should not secretly dump their Effluent into the ground by reverse boring. It was also suggested that vertical gardening should be done on the pillars of metro pillars and flyovers so that the air pollution particles coming out from the exhaust pipes of vehicles can be absorbed immediately. The use of Mokshada system was also suggested at Hindon crematorium, in which one-third of the body is burnt due to the fireplace.


The Municipal Commissioner requested Mrs. Rama Tyagi, the wife of Colonel Tejendra Pal Tyagi and chair person of the Horticulture Society, to cooperate in training the head gardeners of the Municipal Corporation, which Rama accepted as well.


Today, the problems and aspirations of the families of the martyrs and of the brave heroes were also given to the notice of Municipal Commissioner Mr. Mahendra Singh Tanwar ji.


It is a matter of great pleasure that the Municipal Commissioner listened to everything with great patience and also promised to take positive action on all the suggestions.

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