India has been talking about Vasudev Kutambhakam ever since many countries were learning to walk by

3 July 2022, Constitution Club of India, New Delhi - Today, here is a meeting on the topic of "contribution of saints in the preservation of culture" by the Center for Religious Harmony & Universal Peace (FRHUP) and Ahimsa Vishwa Bharati. Seminar was organized

Acharya Dr. Lokesh ji and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji, through Los Angeles of America, awakened the people towards peace in many cities towards a great peace and harmony. Acharya Lokesh ji suggested peace education to US President Joe Biden to solve gun violence. Indian Embassy of America invited Acharya Lokesh ji to give a statement on Indian cultural values. During this visit, he was honored by State Assembly California, State Assembly New York, City of Altasia, City of Fremont, City of Cerritos etc.
On his return to India, Rajiv Joli Khosla on behalf of the Center for Religious Harmony and World Peace, Shri Rajan Chhibber on behalf of the National Military Association, Acharya Yashi Phoonshauk on behalf of the Indo-Tibetan Cooperation Forum, Anil Kuto, Archbishop of Delhi, Bangla On behalf of Sahib Gurdwara Committee, Sardar Paramjit Singh Chandok, founder of Parmarth Niket Ashram Swami Chidanand Saraswati and representatives of many Hindu organizations strongly congratulated Acharya Lokesh ji.

Colonel Tejendra Pal Tyagi, General Secretary of FRHUP and Colonel Tejendra Pal Tyagi, who received the Vir Chakra said that today the religion of the nation has become more important than all the religions. Today there is a need to pay attention to Mother India more than our mother and mother goddess. Compassion, mercy, forgiveness, tolerance, pleading etc. can be part of personal character and not of national character.

Acharya Lokesh ji said that India is talking about Vasudev Kutumbakam since many countries were learning to walk by holding their fingers. He said that now the world's systems are taking a turn and in the coming time India will stand in the first line of the world's leadership. The head of Lohia Transport Group, Shri Ayush Lohia said that whenever any good change has come in the country, it has come only through saints. Even today, only saints have to come forward in establishing coordination.

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