Former election commissioner gave a memorandum to the president to make “jai hind” mandatory

Saint and soldiers will build nation together

Today mother india is more important than her mother and mother goddess

A time has come to induct ex service men in every department

Chatra district of jharkhand became energetic today

Ex-servicemen family in dimarpur joined rashtriya sainik sanstha

Do not consider us kashmiri pandits, we are kshatriya bodo

First speak jai hind, then open the window to form new units of rashtriya sainik sanstha

A delegation of rashtriya sainik sanstha met the home minister of india

Col. tejendra pal tyagi of rashtriya sainik sanstha was honored by the rajyapalos of chhattisgarh an

Discipline is essential for the success of the movement

Eighth national session of rashtriya sainik sanstha

Now we will not allow patriots to become concierge – col. tyagi

The martyrs should not only be respected, but also be respected

Provincial commanders meeting of rashtriya sainik sanstha

The revolution of 1857 was started by swami omananda, the revolution of 1947 was inspired by swami v

Inauguration of the temple of martyrs in yavatmal, a historic step in india today images of 21 param

A delegation of rashtriye sainik sanstha met the prime minister regarding the naxal menace.

A country is not identified by its gdp but by the care of the disabled

People celebrated valentine's day, we celebrated self-respect day

no change came without sage munio

On 21 october 1943, subhas declared war against the british and today we declare war against corrupt

If the ex-service commission is not formed soon, patience will break

We do not fire bullets in the air - mahaveer chakra received military digendra singh

Take the generals assured to support the colonel

Unveiled statue of major asharam tyagi received amar shaheed mahavir chakra in muzaffarnagar

The first national session of the rashtriya sainik morcha was held in delhi

Requesting the president to set up a commission for ex-servicemen

Everyone would buy if they were sold in the market

Martyr tribute ceremony

Call to make martyr ashram a district shraddh site

The first step of character building begins with discipline

May subhash be given both param vir chakra and bharat ratan together

Good days would not come without military training

voice of dharam gurus of ghaziabad reaches home ministry

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